Imagine knowing that today is a significant day to you or your family but not being able to put your finger on why, exactly, it is. For the person in the early to mid-stages of dementia, the frustration of forgetting the simple things during a lapse of memory is terribly distressing, causing feelings of anxiety, sadness and even worthlessness.

This little calendar helps address those issues and is useful for everyone – carers, family members, visiting carers or those cared for – it shows one day at a time – you simply enter what is important to YOU on a particular day (events, appointments, anniversaries etc) – then turn over a new leaf each day!
Developed after inspiration from the late Val Horncastle, while herself living with the onset of Alzheimer’s.

See the background on how this incredibly useful calendar came about in the video from Keith Horncastle, Val’s husband.

A donation from the profits is made every year to the Alzheimer’s Society & SANDS.

Customer Testimonials

Simple product that works brilliantly. Dad flips over a page a day, and any reminders I’ve entered are there.


Best calendar ever purchased. My auntie had dementia and this little calendar pad was a godsend. She had a daily list put on there by visitors so she could see who had been to visit her. Just got one for my Dad who puts his daily shopping list on it.
Great idea xx


I purchase one of these calendars for my husband every year for his Xmas stocking, he is partially sited and has memory issues and this calendar helps him immensely. Every year he asks for one and its helped him organise himself and mostly remember his appointments, daily tasks and shopping, giving him more confidence.


Hi there,
I have just ordered your memory calendar for 2021 and just wanted to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU”.
I think this is probably the 5th year I’ve ordered this calendar for my mum who has dementia.
Over the years, as her condition has deteriorated and her abilities have declined, the one prompt that continues to be used with regularity is her memory calendar. I update it when I visit every week and remind her to pop in any relevant information when I speak to her every day. (I live some distance away).
What is interesting is that although she no longer pays any attention to her whiteboard or alarm prompts, she continues to check her calendar religiously.
Is there any way that this could be any more widely marketed for those who are unaware of this fantastic product?

A great product, definitely very helpful for my husband as he can see at a glance the date etc and any notes I’ve made as a reminder of what’s happening in the day. Will definitely be having one next year


Used 2020 last year for a friend really easy and simple thanks just what they needed


The Memory Calendar is ideal for my Dad. It stands up on its own, is clear to read and has a good space to write the important things that will happen that day.


I have purchased one of these calendars every year for the last three for my husband and he finds them very helpful. It has been such a useful tool for him and stays on the kitchen table every day, all year. Whoever invented these should be given the Nobel Peace prize for aid to those who suffer from the attributes of memory loss. Thank you.


This little calendar is great, my mother doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, but is currently housebound and this helps her family and carers see at a glance what happening on a particular day, and mum even started making her own notes like a diary to what happened that day. Love It 🙂


Excellent product. Fit for purpose!