About Us

Business started in June 1982 with a series of new atmospheric postcards, sold through the local shops to great response. Prior to that Chris had been one of Oxford’s first street salesmen of the recent era, finding various pitches in the city to sell lovely photographic prints to passing visitors, sometimes aided by his girlfriend, now wife, by roller skating around him showing off the goods to the audience!

Since that time the range of goods has extended to include calendars, fridge magnets and coffee table books – as have areas of operations from a small room in his house to an office and storage unit. The business has sold over 16 million cards, more than half a million calendars and over a million books. We produce atmospheric and stunning photographic images and publish them into interesting products.

Our products show Oxford, London, The Cotswolds, the Channel Islands and Belfast.

We have also had commissions from as far away as The Falkland Islands and Cape Town.

There are three of us full time in the business, Chris and wife Ginger, plus the redoubtable Annabel who started as secretary in 1989 and now is the vital office organiser, business administrator and general lynch pin.

Away from work, Chris enjoys fishing and wine – sometimes together – and walking the dogs. He also has an interest in horse racing.

The image of Chris was taken on a film location commission to Chile.